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  1. China is cracking down on Shadow Banking, but one European country is encouraging it -

  2. The UK shows why the Brexit decision wasn’t disastrous -

  3. ‘Doing Nothing’ won’t be an option for much longer at the ECB -

  4. It’s about time the Fed stops lying – the market doesn’t listen anymore anyway -

  5. The West thought the Russian bear could be tamed. They were wrong -

  6. The renewed optimism about China bodes well for commodities -

  7. Who or what will push Italy over the cliff this year? -

  1. schermafbeelding-2016-09-12-om-17-07-23

    These gold mining stocks may be your only friend right now

  2. schermafbeelding-2016-09-12-om-17-07-23

    Gold is the purest money on earth

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