The Commodity Report is published every month and features the best commodity stocks in the industry. In combination with our vision on the developments in the sector, each month we highlight strategies, new stock tips, and the stocks from our Selection List

  1. Commodities

    Commodity Report – February 2017: Energy & Industrial Metals

    In this edition of the Commodity Report, we are again focussing on our two favorite commodity areas: energy & industrial metals. The current price action in these segments is very favorable for future profits. This...

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  2. Commodities

    Commodity Report – ALERT: Rare Element Resources

    The share price of Rare Element Resources has exploded this week, without any good reason. The company’s share price is now trading at in excess of 40 cents, and it has been a while since...

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  3. Commodities

    Commodity Report – January 2017

    We start the new year with a bang for the Commodity Report, as we will be fine-tuning our advice for two energy stocks in the Selection List, which blasted higher in 2016, with respectively +133.63%...

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  4. Commodities

    Commodity Report – ALERT: Paladin Energy (PDN)

    In our previous update on Paladin Energy, we already explained why the offtake agreement with Electricité de France was so important for Paladin Energy. We’ll provide a review of the latest information, and the potential...

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  5. Commodities

    Commodity Report – ALERT: Stevia Stock

    We are reviewing our Stevia Stock in the Selection List of the Commodity Report, as the position came under pressure over the recent period, with no specific reason. With this ALERT, we are clarifying our...

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  6. Commodities

    Commodity Report – December 2016

    In this last edition of the Commodity Report for 2016, we will focus on the commodity class which performed well above expectations: base metals – copper, zinc, … We will zoom-in on one of our...

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  7. Commodities

    Commodity Report – ALERT: Zinc Stock Tip

    Our Zinc Stock Pick had a huge run-up, in the recent months. The company reported fantastic results, which even topped our high expectations. We are reviewing our recommendation, and going to up our Target Price.

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  8. Commodities

    Commodity Report – November 2016

    As you were able to read in a previous ALERT, both lithium companies of the Selection List were able to release positive updates to the market. But there’s more great stuff going on in the...

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  9. Commodities

    Commodity Report – ALERT: 2 Lithium Stock Tips

    Electricitry is literally in the air in the Lithium Stocks. We recently launched 2 brand new STOCK PICKS for the Selection List of the Commodity Report, and a few weeks later there’s already an outburst...

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  10. Commodities

    Commodity Report – October 2016: Lithium Special

    This edition of the Commodity Report is completely dedicated to the commodity of the future: LITHIUM. In an in-depth focus we analyse the sector, study the complex (supply/demand system & projections), look at opportunities, but...

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  11. Commodities

    Commodity Report – ALERT: Agrium (AGU)

    In the previous Commodity Report, we already discussed a potential merger between Agrium and Potash Corp of Saskatchewan, and both companies have now effectively announced they have entered into an agreement to merge as equals,...

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  12. Commodities

    Commodity Report – September 2016

    It looks like the worst is behind us on the commodity markets and both oil and copper seem to have bottomed out. The sentiment in the agricultural and fertilizer sector seems to be improving paving...

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