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The Gold & Silver Report is published every month and features the best gold and silver stocks in the industry. In combination with our vision on the developments in the sector, each month we highlight strategies, new stock tips, and the stocks from our Selection List.

  1. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Barrick Gold (ABX)

    Barrick Gold reported on its financial year 2016 yesterday after-hours, but we were really interested in seeing how the company was able to handle the lower gold price in the final quarter of last year.

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  2. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Coeur Mining (CDE)

    Coeur Mining has now reported its financial results for 2016, and even though a lot of data were reported before the earnings call, the market is punishing Coeur. We analyze their figures, and give our...

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  3. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: New Gold (NGD)

    At the end of last year, we expected the company to be fully funded to complete the construction of the Rainy River gold project in Ontario, Canada, but this no longer is the case. Read...

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  4. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – January 2017

    Today, we present you 6 updates from companies on our Selection List, as the sector have been producing staggering results, along with significant forecasts for the rest of 2017. Read our full analysis in this...

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  5. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Yamana Gold / Brio Gold

    The period to participate in the Brio Gold spinoff has now been completed, and approximately 17.3 million shares of Brio Gold have been sold to participants in this offering. We will provide our analysis on...

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  6. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Yamana Gold / Brio Gold

    Investors in Yamana Gold have the right to sign-up for a new spin-off, named Brio Gold. We will provide an analysis on the valuation of Brio Gold, and what the consequences will be for (the...

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  7. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – December 2016

    As the gold market continues its consolidation phase, opportunities arise within the gold sector, especially among the exploration stocks. We will zoom-in on two exploration picks on our Selection List, each with a special situation....

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  8. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Continental Gold (CNL)

    Continental Gold has released a very positive (and surprising) update, as the federal government of Colombia has approved and issued the environmental permit for the Buritica gold project. We will evaluate the impact on the...

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  9. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – November 2016

    A few months ago, when prices for gold and silver were ripping higher, and stocks in the precious metals arena were going ballistic, we told our subscribers to hold off on any additional buying, and...

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  10. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Premier Gold Mines (PG)

    We received the latest results from Premier Gold’s Hardrock project, and we have to say that we have mixed emotions about it. You can read our full analysis in this ALERT, together with an update...

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  11. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Trump sell-off

    Contrary to what the market previously expected, the gold market is getting hit hard as Donald Trump is the new president-elect as the gold price fell by approximately $120 per ounce in less than 72...

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  12. Gold & Silver

    Gold & Silver Report – ALERT: Mid Tier Gold Stock

    After we fiercely downgrade this stock and we dropped our Target Price, this company published disappointing quarterly results. Not everything goes smoothly in the current gold market. We evaluate our negative stance on this stock, and...

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