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Gold & Silver Report – March 2017: PDAC Update

In this month’s edition of the Gold & Silver Report, we provide exclusive feedback from our recent visit to the PDAC, the yearly mining conference in Toronto, Canada. And we have to say, the vibe this year was quite different from recent years. If this is a good thing, or maybe not, you’ll read in our strategic update.

Furthermore, we attended a closed-doors event, at the same PDAC, where all the great names of the sector gathered. We’ll provide a unique insight of this evening, even with some unique pictures. This evening was all about a company, which is featured in the Selection Lis of the Gold & Silver Report.

Also, this is one stock of the five which are covered in this edition of the Gold & Silver Report. Two names we can give away here — Great Panther Silver and Hecla Mining — the other ones stay top secret: only for the eyes of our subscribers!

But there are some great updates in there, for instance our latest stock pick, which rallied over 25% since inclusion in the Selection List, only a few months ago. This one needs a round-up, and a model-update.


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